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From losing weight to toning

Hi! I have working on losing about 20lbs since jan 2021, i without 1 hr a day 5x a week. I average 20000 steps a day.Cardio/strength mix. I have been eating at a calorie deficit for months now, slowly increasing as i know i am taking in too little, but when i increase to what it says i should intake to lose i don't lose. I start the same. I am 5ft 125lbs . I intake about 1300-1400 / day. 1700 / day on weekends.I would like to maintain 120-125. I am ready to turn my attention to toning instead of weight loss, but i m scared to increase the calories, as i don't want to see the scale go up. How should i go about this? Thank you for your help. Becca

No question … just a thank you

Hello, I can not seem to find the adequate words to express my gratitude for the community you have built and hard work in making the maintainers PDF. I am simply BLOWN away with the information in this document. I have learned so much since joining HSM 1/2021. I call myself a HSM lifer now. I use my HSM tools not only in my eating and weight management but also in my everyday life. I am simply a better human being because of HSM. Thank you.

Tired from the process

Hi Heather. I joined your community in Nov 2020 and it helped me lose about 50pounds. I have been trying to maintain since October 2021 but instead have gained back about 15pounds. I initially kept trying to lose the weight (thinking I was the expectation), but this just led to more weight gain. I’ve since just worked to try and maintain, but not so secretly, still hope to lose 5-10pounds. But I’m mentally exhausted. You talk about maintenance being a part time job, but quite frankly this is a part time job I battle not to quit. I track and keep active. But grazing has come into play and is the thing that’s sabotaging my efforts to lose/ maintain. I “burned my boats” and never want to go back, but also don’t feel I can maintain what I know is required to maintain my weight. I need something to help me recommit to myself. Thank you for your guidance.


Hi Heather! I found you about a month ago and have been listening to your podcasts and watching your YouTube videos. I journaled my food for a month, found my maintenance calories and then I found my calorie deficit. I also walk almost every day. I’m so happy with these new habits, thank you so much for your common sense, easy to follow steps. To treat myself for my successes so far, I just became a podcast premium member! My question is about snacking, my weight loss calories are set at 2100. Typically, my 3 daily meals are around 350-400 calories. But my snacks end up being 700-800 daily and I’m still within my calorie goal. Is this bad? Is that messing with my metabolism? I just can’t eat high calorie meals, I love my snacks!

Ice cream binge

Hi Heather My question is about ice cream! After listening to all of your podcasts it got me thinking about myself with ice cream…. I can’t seem to have a tub in the freezer without always thinking about it until I have some, I tried delaying the time to eat some but seems to not help. Then when I do eat some I just want more and could end up eating a huge portion even to the point of not feeling well but the next day I would still eat more. What should I do about this? Should I not buy it at all? Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for all you do!