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Is this for men too?

Hi I am a new Premium subscriber. I have noticed that your guests are women and was wondering if this technique works for men too? Thanks.

Apple Watch Calories

Hi Heather - I just recently joined and I am loving your videos in Podcasts. Like many, I am practically a lifelong dieter. I am working on applying some of your tools to learn my maintenance calories and address some of my habits before I refocus on trying to lose weight. I just started this week on pre-journaling my food on paper, including my nighttime binges. The question I have, is in your experience how accurate are the calories burned on a smart watch, such as an Apple Watch? And, should I let My Fitness Pal adjust calories from exercise or not? If I go by my watch, I typically burn 2400 calories a day. This seems like so many calories to eat when I have always tried (when tracking) to stick to 1200-1500 calories. I started this week with trying to be around 1,900-2,000 - and will see what happens in 14 days. I guess I will answer my own question after the 14 days based on whether my weight goes up, down or stays the same. Thanks again!

Will I ever be able to forget food?

Dear Heather, Thank you so much for your kind and practical advice. Your podcasts have helped me so much as I struggle toward understanding and learning to control my lifelong binge eating habit. The question I have for you is about the post-recovery experience with binge eating. Does the constant internal chatter and struggle surrounding food ever fade into the background? Once you have your binge eating under control, does that free up time and space in your brain, or does staying binge-free require just as much time, energy and obsessing about food? I have never been tempted by alcohol or drugs. I enjoy wine now and then, and I can open a bottle, drink a glass, and then forget about the rest of the bottle until it turns to vinegar or even gets moldy. Is it possible I could ever reach a point where I am the same way with Cheetos? It would be helpful as I struggle with this to know if there's freedom to look forward to or just a more productive form of constantly thinking about food. Thanks in advance, and much appreciation!

Dr wants quick weight loss due to health

Heather, Thank you so much for all that you do for those of us who struggle with our weight/food. You help me make sense of all the lower brain chatter and just how powerful it can be. I recently went to my cardiologist. He is very concerned for my heart health. He wants me to lose 10% of my body weight 24.5 pounds before my next visit in December. My mind shut down, how can I do this without turning around and gaining it all back. I would still need to lose over 100 pounds to improve my health. I am just unsure how to move forward with this information. He did not give me any guidance other than eat less and move more. I am not sure how to move forward and am in fear for my health. Do you have any recommendations on how to go about doing this, when I have been in the mindset of going slowly and attainable Thanks, Molly

Where do you even start?

Hi Heather. First, thank you for what you do and thank you to all the guests who have shared their stories. They are so inspiring and help me realize that success is possible. I am 33 and have struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. I think I have a problem feeling satiated when I am eating, even if I know that I'm no longer hungry. I had success with weight watchers as a young adult and I even counted macros and was dedicated to my workout back in 2016. It never really stuck though. I currently have an 18 month old and am as heavy as I was right before I had my son, a whopping 265 lbs. My husband is in medical school and I work full time. I keep telling myself to just get started and make my health a priority, but I have no idea how to start and make this manageable for myself? Can you help me?