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Mental Health

I never thought I’d be dealing with this, but it has been a very tough year emotionally and physically, and I’m just hitting menopause. I started having severe anxiety very suddenly for the first time in my life and lost a good deal of weight because I couidnt eat. I actually hit my goal weight after 3 years of healthy monitiring, though it wasn’t the way I wanted to. I’ve just started on medication that has the side effects of weight gain. I’m actually ok with gaining a few pounds back because I didn’t lose it in a sustainable way. Do you have any tips for managing my mindset to gain weight back in a healthy way after illness?

Thank you

Hi Heather I just listened to your early release podcast today and I wanted to thank you very much for answering my question. I wanted to tell you God bless you for everything that you do and for caring about people and for sticking in there and being a success story with keeping your weight off for so long. I pray that God blesses you and your family and that you have continued great success. Just wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. Marie Restifo from Ohio ❤️

Pull Ups / Chin Ups

Hi Heather! How did you progress to be able to do pull ups? How many days a week to train them etc. please. I have been working on them since January with thick bands for assistance. SO hard! I have been maintaining over a 100 pound loss for almost a year and I’m 45. Trying to get strong. You inspire me!

Your Fav Treats

Dear Heather, what are your favorite treats? Do you make them yourself? Do they contain protein? I am a treat fanatic, too, however, always searching for better choices/options. Thank you! Nancy

Waking up hungry

Heather, I wake up hungry, starving is a better description. I eat breakfast lunch and some snacks and generally eat dinner but could actually skip dinner or just eat something light based on hunger alone. I am an early riser, usually 5 am and workout in the morning. I am not sure how to handle what seems to be my bodies natural rhythm with a family that wants dinner. But I would say the calories I consume for dinner are not required and generally when I over do my caloric budget. Any suggestions? Sandy