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Calorie deficit for the Gastric Bypass Folks

Hi Heather, I have heard you several times address Gastric Bypass folks and I am 1.5 years out from surgery…lost weight from 268 to 163. Over the last 6-7 months have slowly crept back up to 175 (regain is a HUGE problem for WLS people). I have been experimenting with maintenance calories and caloric deficit…so have given myself the grace you teach us all to have. I so wish I knew of your amazing podcast before my surgery, but what’s done is done. So wondering if you might be able to throw us gastric bypass gals (there’s a lot of us) some of your all knowing expertise on how to get that protein in each day without exceeding our very low daily caloric intake. How to not listen to the lower brain when the FEAR of regain is looming and it’s so loud! Just feeling confused and overwhelmed and really would appreciate any resources or your amazing common sensical thoughts on how to be consistent…love your show and so admire your passion to help! Pam

1400 maintenance 1200 deficit?

I read many places, like on Yoni Friedhof's calculator for example, or have heard on the HSM podcast, that 1200 calories is "restrictive", and I do find it so. But at age 76, 5'4", is it possible that my calories to lose are really that low? I am having trouble getting down that low. Any suggestions?

I'd love to learn a little more about you!

It is absolutely mind-blowing that out of the millions of messages we receive about dieting, weight loss/gain, appearance, meal planning, etc., you are the only coach who has cracked the code. Like you sometimes say, "it is simple but not easy." Who knew? Oh, that's right, Heather does and now I do, too! What is the most surprising thing you have learned about yourself in your journey up until now? What is your most challenging habit? What is your favorite thing about coaching? Who or what inspires you? Is it or has it ever been tiring to answer the same questions over and over for all of us throughout your coaching career? What are you working toward next? Where do you get your sports bras? Thank you for your willingness to be open and authentic and for sharing your knowledge and experience with the world. You and Half Size Me are on my gratitude list every day because you are helping me change my life! Forever looking forward to the next episode, Allysen

Impulse, delayed gratification, postpone; oh, my!

Hello! One of the skills that I am learning is how to manage snacks and treats on a daily basis. Almost all of my daily treats are ice cream (yum!) but it can also be a little more cheese on my taco bowl, Starbucks, my favorite snack bar, etc. Regardless of what it is, it fits neatly into my meal plan for the day and I enjoy my treat (almost) guilt-free. I almost always recognize when I have a thought to eat a food impulsively or emotionally and I am coaching my lower brain in what feels like a fair, gentle, and sustainable way. I know you’ve mentioned sticking to my treat as much as possible to build trust in myself and telling my lower brain something to the effect of, “oh, sweet, angry, little toddler, I know you want this treat but it’s not on our plan for the day. But hey, look, we’ll put it right in MFP to enjoy tomorrow!” Sometimes I will have it, sometimes I won’t but this always feels like a victory. However, it seems that there are days (weeks!) when I am unexpectedly willing to eat more calories so I’m more likely to add treats during the day. I usually justify this decision, like, “okay, sweetheart, if you still want the thing after an entire bottle of water and/or X amount of time, you can totally have it.” She usually wins out on that one but I feel immediately like I failed, especially because I’m scrambling to balance my averages for the rest of the week so I can eat in a way that feels less stressful for the weekend! Is this an appropriate behavior/response? Am I giving into my LB’s demands too soon? Thank you for your time and insight, Allysen

Hating my looks

Dear Heather, I started your wonderful programm just recentley. I am learning, it's gonna take time. This phase untill I will really lose some weight, and feel better in my clothes seems so far away. I struggle so hard to like what I see in pics and the miror, but it's so hard and frustrating. Any help? Thanks so much for your terrific work. All the love from Israel!