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How to talk to my daughter about weight loss

Hello Heather, I’ve recently started my weight loss journey and I’m struggling with how to talk to my daughter about weight and weight loss. As her mom, I want her to love her body and not be critical about herself, but it’s hard for me to be a good role model when I’m so worried about measuring my food and focused on the scale. Any advice? Thanks, Katie

finding maintenance cals

I am continuously gaining weight. How do I find my maintenance calories if I am slowly gaining?

Binge eating

I want to start to do what you have been suggesting to Karolina. I don't want chocolate bars. If I want the food to be oreos, how do you suggest to bring them into the house. They aren't sold in individual packs in Canada.

Tired from the process

Hi Heather. I joined your community in Nov 2020 and it helped me lose about 50pounds. I have been trying to maintain since October 2021 but instead have gained back about 15pounds. I initially kept trying to lose the weight (thinking I was the expectation), but this just led to more weight gain. I’ve since just worked to try and maintain, but not so secretly, still hope to lose 5-10pounds. But I’m mentally exhausted. You talk about maintenance being a part time job, but quite frankly this is a part time job I battle not to quit. I track and keep active. But grazing has come into play and is the thing that’s sabotaging my efforts to lose/ maintain. I “burned my boats” and never want to go back, but also don’t feel I can maintain what I know is required to maintain my weight. I need something to help me recommit to myself. Thank you for your guidance.

Weight Loss and Stress

Hi Heather, You've been so incredibly helpful. I really appreciate you and all that you do. I have been listening for a couple years now, and not doing the things but I think I'm getting it now. I recently went on a maintenance break and successfully maintained my weight for 8 weeks. Over these 8 weeks my kid had their second craniotomy and their tumour was upgraded to stage 2 which means chemo and radiation. We've just finished week one of 6. When I started my maintenance break at the end of November it was going to capture holidays and 2 birthdays including mine. The plan was to go on a small deficit for 4 weeks and then increase it after those 4. With all the crap I'm dealing with (kid's illness, in school full time, off work for mental health reasons and just bought a house) would you suggest staying at maintenance or continuing on with the small deficit plan? Thanks for taking the time to read this. It's more complicated than I can put in a short email but suggestions would be helpful because I'm struggling with body dysmorphia and have weddings coming up and I hate how i feel in my skin. Thank you!