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From losing weight to toning

Hi! I have working on losing about 20lbs since jan 2021, i without 1 hr a day 5x a week. I average 20000 steps a day.Cardio/strength mix. I have been eating at a calorie deficit for months now, slowly increasing as i know i am taking in too little, but when i increase to what it says i should intake to lose i don't lose. I start the same. I am 5ft 125lbs . I intake about 1300-1400 / day. 1700 / day on weekends.I would like to maintain 120-125. I am ready to turn my attention to toning instead of weight loss, but i m scared to increase the calories, as i don't want to see the scale go up. How should i go about this? Thank you for your help. Becca

Is there an episode breakdown or index that tells me what each episode is about?

I'd like to know what each episode is about. Some kind of summary or description to help save me time searching for topics I want.

Exception to the rule

You often talk about knowing how to lose weight, but stumbling on maintaining. I feel like I'm the exception--I have obsessed about losing weight for years, but I have been the woman who has gained the 2 lbs/year from perimenopause on for 25 years or so, creating my 50 lb weight gain that I need to lose, now in my late 60s. I really don't have any successful history with losing weight. I was stable for my adult life until I started that gain. Despite being concerned in my mind with weight gain, any actual attempts to lose weight would be over in less than a day, given my internal rebellious reaction to restriction. How do I get started?

Pregnancy or Fitness?

Hi Heather, love your show and your booklets. I'm 37, 5'4 and started at 191 lbs back in November 2018 and have been maintaining around 138 for the past year, rather comfortably. I was never one of those people who dreamed about having children, but now I am thinking about it. Though given my struggles with overeating, and my older age, I am very torn about if I can get pregnant and not gain too much weight while pregnant and be able to lose it afterwards. I know about all the joys of motherhood, and that I must sound shallow, but I have worked so damn hard. I have beaten years of bulimia (only through replacing it with healthy habits) and work out and track all my food just like you say to do. I am afraid of becoming extremely depressed if I gain weight back and am not able to lose it. I wonder, have you seen women my age be able to maintain their fitness during and after pregnancy? And if I did not take your advice as medical advice, do you think it would help if I hired you for coaching during and post pregnancy? I just don't want to gain it all during... I want to stay very fit throughout.. Thank you.

goal weight

Heather has said not to chase a weight lost number. Be organic. I listened and reduced my weight to 149.4 from 296. I would love to be 145 but am not going to change my habits to get there. But, Heather is close to my weight. Same height, but smaller sizes in clothing and wants to lose even more She looks strong and great. Why is this right for her and not for me?